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Dayasparsha Hospital


Medical Mission Hospital

Dayasparsha Hospital, Tumkur
Treatment – Care – Support is the institutional motto for this program with major emphasis on welfare of People Living with HIV (PLHIV). With experience gained from treatment of HIV/AIDS patients (about 12,000 over a span of 8 years), this wing is well-focused on several services that include:

Medical Services:
In-patient management of opportunistic infections and antiretroviral therapy (ART) side effects, diagnostics, Palliative care and pain relief, DOT provider, nursing care

Psycho-Social Counselling
Counselling, nutritional care, referrals and linkages, spiritual support, life-skill education

Continuum of Care
Rehabilitation, self-help group meetings, outreach programs, ongoing education support to affected/infected children, ongoing income generation programs.


The Treatment Wing engages in the following secondary programs:

  1. High-risk HIV/AIDS population is screened by the Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC) for HIV free of cost (More than 3500 people have been tested)
  2. Operating under Revised National Tuberculosis Control (RNTC) Program, the treatment wing traces Tuberculosis (TB) at its infancy and provides DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short course) to TB-infected patients in an authorized center (Nearly 1500 HIV-TB co-infected patients have been traced and treated)
  3. Kidney Foundation Mission engages medical volunteers and service personnel at the doorstep of villagers with a view to identify potential patients and treat them medically with assistance in dialysis and transplantation. Mass Kidney Screening Programs involve general population as well as HIV-affected people. This is an ongoing campaign
  4. Dayabhavan Medical Mission Hospital & Ashy Elsa Sajan Hospice, Kunigal
    A Medical Mission Hospital has been established (under sponsorship of a well-wisher) equipped with diagnostic/laboratory services together with facilities such as minor OT, labor and gynecology ward and ambulance. It provides for better healthcare to the rural folk at affordable cost