Dayasparsha Hospital

Dayasparsha Hospital

The non-availability of medicine and lack of immediate support in the vicinity of Dayabhavan caused many untimely deaths of parents of the inmate children. This prompted Dayabhavan to initiate a project that provides services exclusively for HIV patients.

In June 2006, a palliative care unit was inaugurated in Bhaktharahalli, Kunigal where services were provided to 10 patients at a time. As the facilities were not accessible to the affected population in the adjoining seven districts around Tumkur, the institution ended up in administering the treatment facilities to more than 1000 patients in the first year itself. Later, the unit was converted to a treatment care and support center. Eventually, the Tumkur Urban Development Authority (TUDA) provided us with Civic Amenities (CA) site at Geddalahalli, Tumkur. In February 2014, treatment facilities were relocated to Tumkur and were renamed as Dayasparsha Hospital. This was more convenient and accessible for the patients being located in the district headquarters.

Following facilities are provided: Comprehensive care, support, psycho-social services to People Living with AIDS (PLHIV) and TB patients.


Medical services

  • In-patient and Out-patient services
  • Management of OI’s and ART side effects
  • Palliative care and Pain Relief
  • Provision for DOTs (Treatment for Tuberculosis)
  • DMC & Medical Treatment Unit under RNTCP

Diagnostic services/ICTC

  • Screening of high-risk HIV/AIDS population by Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC) free of cost.


  • Tracing Tuberculosis (TB) cases (at infancy) and providing DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short course) to infected patients in an authorized centre under Revised National Tuberculosis Control (RNTC) Program.

Psycho-social Services

  • Counseling
  • Nutritional care
  • Referrals and Linkages
  • Spiritual Support
  • Life skill Education

Continuum Care

  • Rehabilitation
  • Self-Help Group meetings
  • Out-reach program



Commenced as Primary Healthcare Clinic


10-bed Palliative Care (HIV/AIDS)


Upgraded to 20-bed Community Care Centre (HIV/AIDS)


Comprehensive Care & Treatment Centre (30-bed; HIV/AIDS); Treatment, medicines and food are provided free of cost to patients


Relocated to Tumkur town for better accessibility, named as Dayasparsha Hospital

Contact Details

Dayasparsha Hospital,

Uparahalli Main Road, Geddalahalli,

Tumkur, Karnataka,

Ph. No.: +91- 96685 60887