On Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

With primary focus on building independent and self-sufficient lives for PLHIVs, residential workshops on capacity building are held regularly in the training hall within our campus. The program is packed with training on self-development and self-help tools that could make their lives healthy and worthy. About 50 participants are trained in the program every year.

Sahayathra is a capacity building program conducted exclusively for medical, nursing and lab technician students to create awareness about HIV/AIDS, thereby enriching and strengthening their minds in dealing with and treating the PLHIV’s without fear or stigma.About 1500 students are trained every year.

It is a follow-up and get-together program for PLHIV on monthly basis. Through this, we intend to provide continuous care. It is focused on providing free medical check-up, medication and nutritional leverage programs. This is attended by about 600 in/out patients each year.

On December 1st every year, Dayabhavan becomes an active hub of World AIDS Day Programs. A social run and action program against the stigma and discrimination to HIV/AIDS affected and infected are held. More than 3000 people from different schools and colleges, NGO’s and Govt. institutions in and around Kunigal regularly participate.