Home of Compassion


A home for the healthy children of HIV-infected parents, there are also few who are diseased. All of them are being educated, few enrolled in degree and professional courses like engineering, nursing, pharmacy, and paramedical courses and others in formative studies from primary to higher school classes.

Academic counselling is a major need as the children grow up and orient themselves to academic, professional, and life-skill programs. As this is entirely based on individual merit and interest, counseling becomes an important and rigorous task. It is necessary to raise the children with right attitude considering that many of them hail from marginalized families and require qualifying competitive examinations for professional course admission. The organization encourages all eligible children to enroll in such courses despite large resource requirements and challenges faced to help them seek gainful employment.


Notable Points:

Primarily started as a center for childcare and education of healthy children of HIV/AIDS-infected parents; Occupancy grew from 12 in 2003 to 75 in 2020.

Home provides nutritional, nursing & medical care, management of opportunistic infections, and pediatric medical therapy to disease-infected children right from their early years. Childhood infections are recurrent and require extended hospital stays. Detection is difficult in infants since tests are not accurate (as the baby mimics mother’s antibodies until the age of 18 months) and the symptoms are slow to reach developmental milestones.

Several psychological and social challenges to be surmounted by disease-affected children (of HIV-infected parents) and infected children. A secure and cheerful environment with positive and inclusive experiences is prerequisite to all-round growth.

Constant efforts are needed to ensure that society realizes the trauma of these children and that they are not made to feel differentiated.

Organization is responsive and committed to the needs and interest of each child.